Advertising for sex toy reviewer


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Advertising for sex toy reviewer

Offbeat Desk 2017-08-29 13:45:30 Comments

Dream jobs don’t come around often.So when these opportunities arrive, you’ve got to grab them with both hands. Then put ’em in your pants, in this case.

London-based sex toy brand LoveWoo is currently advertising for an official sex toy reviewer.

Yes, that’s a job, and yes, it involves vigorously testing out sex toys to make sure they’re as brilliantly orgasm-inducing as they should be.

The responsibilities include testing out all kinds of products that’ll be sent to your door by LoveWoo, and creating reviews to establish why the sex toy is good, how it can be improved, and offer personal recommendations.

There’s more to it than just wanking with fancy equipment, mind. You’ll also need to upload reviews on to the website and use social media to share them, respond to customer queries, and write features for the site.

The good news? You can work from home two days a week, while the other three days you’ll be in the office?

The better news? The role pays £28,000 a year, gives you unlimited holiday, and you get to go on a staff retreat for three days each year. Fancy.

Throw in the discounted gym membership, a day off for your birthday, and private healthcare, and you’ve got a pretty sweet deal if you’re good at writing and enjoy a solo sex sesh.

If you fancy applying, you’ll need to send in a sample sex toy review, as well as a CV and/or a video application telling LoveWoo all about yourself and why you’d be great at being a sex toy reviewer.

There doesn’t seem to be a deadline, but we’d recommend applying sharpish if you’re interested. We reckon a lot of people would be up for getting paid to masturbate.


August 29, 2017

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