'vertical takeoff and landing' no need runways


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'vertical takeoff and landing' no need runways

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Boeing's defence arm is set to unveil a mysterious new plane - and says it will 'change future air power'

It is believed to be a radical new craft using electric 'hairdryer' to allow it to land and take off vertically.

Boeing will unveil their mystery aircraft on December 19th.

Speculation has so far said it could anything from a new spaceplane to an electric fighter jet.

Earlier this year Boeing bought Aurora Flight Sciences Corp, which is developing the autonomous, electric-powered and long-flight-duration aircraft for its commercial and military businesses.

Last year, Aurora won a contract for more than $89 million for the vertical take off and landing X-plane, beating Boeing in the process.

Aurora has designed, produced and flown more than 30 unmanned air vehicles since its inception and has collaborated with Boeing on the rapid prototyping of innovative aircraft and structural assemblies for both military and commercial applications during the last decade.

The radical design combines fixed-wing technology from planes with rotary-wing technology from helicopters.

It has two large rear wings and two smaller front canards, short wings mounted near the nose of the aircraft.

The engine would drive 24 ducted fans, nine integrated into each wing and three inside each canard.

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