five-and-a-half legged lamb


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five-and-a-half legged lamb

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This little female lamb was born two weeks ago at Lodge House farm in Durham at North East England.

Her owner Angie Jewitt named her Hope because she beat the odds to be alive. She now plans to keep the newborn as a pet.

Five-legged lambs are a one in a million occurrence in the UK. And it's unclear what the odds of a five-and-a-half-legged lamb are.

Its fifth leg is almost fully developed and even sports a little hoof. It dangles oddly from its side.

But that hasn't stopped the Hope from leaping around her new Scottish home.

The happy-go-lucky new born continues to beat the odds - animals born with deformities often don't last long.

Hope has been seen by a vet who says she doesn't need surgery to have a long and happy life.

In one photo the excitable creature is seen bounding along with its fifth leg stretched out front.

In another, the tiny beast is seen at feeding time with its owner, suckling on a bottle of milk.

Hopefully, the lamb's extra appendages will not harm it.

Right now, however, the newborn seems both happy and healthy.

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