Malayalam model breastfeeds in an iconic, now been slapped with a case


Gilu Joseph

Malayalam model breastfeeds in an iconic, now been slapped with a case

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Model, poet and writer Gilu Joseph has challenged patriarchy among several social norms by breastfeeding a baby on the Grihalakshmi cover photo. She said an interview, I am extremely proud of my body and only I exercise rights over it. I only do things that I think is right for me, which is why I had no qualms in taking up this project.


[Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi, which has been in the eye of the storm for its cover which shows a woman breastfeeding in its latest issue, has now been slapped with a case.

The case has been filed at the Kollam CJM court by advocate Vinod Mathew against the publishers and the model Gilu Joseph, who was on the cover.

This comes a day after the Malayalam magazine’s cover, which was a campaign for open breastfeeding, sparked major outrage on social media. The outrage was because the magazine used a model and not a real mother on its cover.

Apart from this, several others took to social media to criticize the cover saying that it sexualized breasts.

Editor of the magazine said, “We were planning to use a real mother for the cover. However, despite repeated attempts, we were unable to get a real mother to feature on the cover. However, there is a picture of a real mother breastfeeding inside the story. It was not an easy task. We finally had to get Gilu to pose for us, and she was more than happy to do so.

As for allegations about sexualizing the breast, I just want to say that people can look at it however they want to. Those intent on sexualizing the human body will only see the photograph in that manner. The problem does not lie with the photograph, it is purely in the mindset of the people,” he said.]

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