‘Refrain from using abusive language for my sisters’


Anshula Kapoor

‘Refrain from using abusive language for my sisters’

Hindustan Times news 2018-03-05 11:30:32 Comments

Anshula, Arjun Kapoor’s sister and stepsister to Janhvi and Khushi, told a fan off with grace. Her message was clear: We are family.

Ever since Bollywood star Sridevi died suddenly due to ‘accidental drowning’ in a Dubai hotel on February 24, the entire family - husband Boney Kapoor, daughters Janhvi and Khushi, stepson Arjun Kapoor and stepdaughter Anshula - have come together to support each other during the difficult time. So when a fan decided to abuse Janhvi on an Instagram post by Anshula, she did not hesitate in responding sternly, but with grace.

In a long, emotional note, Boney wrote after Sridevi’s funeral, “Losing a friend, wife and mother of your two daughters is a loss inexplicable in words... I am blessed to have the support and love of Arjun and Anshula, who have been such pillars of strength for myself, Khushi and Janhvi. Together, as a family we have tried to face this unbearable loss.”

“My only concern at this time is to protect my daughters and find a way to move forward without Sri. She was our life, our strength and the reason we always smiled. We love her beyond measure. Rest in peace my love. Our lives will never be the same again,” he further wrote.

Anshula posted on her Instagram on Sunday, “Strong willed, they dare to blossom & hold their own, spreading their beauty wherever the wind takes them. Wildflowers dare greatly.” Someone decided to put a negative comment regarding Janhvi on the post.

Anshula not only deleted the comment but also posted the perfect reply. “Hi, I’m requesting you to refrain from using abusive language especially towards my sisters, I do not appreciate it and have therefore deleted your comments. While I am grateful for your passion and love for bhai and me, just a small correction – I was never working outside India. Let’s please spread joy and good vibes. Thank you for the love,” she wrote.

Sridevi died on the night of February 24, in Dubai, where she went to attend a family wedding.

March 05, 2018

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