Meghan Markle wedding dress to cost less than Kate Middleton's


Meghan Markle-Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle wedding dress to cost less than Kate Middleton's

International Desk 2018-03-27 15:02:24 Comments

American actress Meghan Markle’s wedding dress is set to cost less than that of Kate Middleton’s did for an extremely important reason, it has been revealed.

Prince Harry and Meghan are due to wed in May and speculation about details of their wedding day is in full swing.

Little is known about the dress Ms Markle will wear on her special day but one Royal expert has said it can be expected to cost less than the outfit worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

Kate Nicholl said: “There have been reports that Meghan's considering spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a wedding dress.

“I think that's incredibly unlikely.”

Kate Middleton’s dress is thought to have cost as much as £250,000.

The expert explained that if the bride-to-be spent more than that she might risk losing like she is trying to upstage her future husband’s sister-in-law.

Ms Nicholl continued: “I think it is very unlikely that Meghan would spend more than that and in doing so try and upstage a future queen.

“I don’t think she's going to want to get royal life off to a start where she's criticised for spending something like £400,000 on a wedding dress.”

The future princess and Prince Harry are currently touring the UK in order to introduce the nation to Ms Markle.

The pair have a number of upcoming public events to help make the American become accepted by the UK public.

Ms Markle is also unlikely to want to upstage the Duchess of Cambridge as it may affect their budding friendship.

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