19 year old Romanian model  sold her virginity via online


Aleexandra Kefren

19 year old Romanian model  sold her virginity via online

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A 19 years old Romanian model Aleexandra Kefren sold her virginity via online, more girls are apparently calling Cinderella Escorts to sell theirs.
But a year after, Kefren went out and claimed the truth wasn’t what the media thought it would be.

The Romanian model first appeared on “This Morning” and explained why she was selling her virginity to a complete stranger. She posted her ad on a site called Cinderella Escorts for one million Euros.

According to Kefren, the story was made for her to memorize and say in front of the camera. She also named the owner of the site, Jan Zakobielski as the mastermind of the ploy.

According to‘s report, Cinderella Escorts is allegedly a front for an international sex trafficking scam. Zakobielski is said to be an alias used by Alexandros Kallinikidis and he uses the site to lure women to a brothel in Athens.

When Kefren announced her virginity was on sale, many other women followed suit. According to UNILAD, the owner claims he receives “1000 applications a day, around 600 of them escorts, the others virgins.”

Cinderella Escorts also denied the allegations. Although Zakobielski admitted that he was using an alias, he insisted that Kefren’s sale was real. He points out, however, she was “kicked out” for breaking the company guidelines because she had a boyfriend.

Days after made their allegations, the owner of Cinderella Escorts said that he has sold the site for 50 million Euros. In addition, he claims that “Harriet tell lies about us to become more famous with her porns [sic].”

The former spoke to an escort named Lauren. She said she had talked to Kallinikidis. She said she had been an escort before so the site offered her to become a high-end escort.

Lauren said,“He talked about this other girl, she’s been in the newspapers and she makes £9 000 a night. He said I could do that. I would meet clients all over the world, Los Angeles, London, everywhere.

“But it’s all lies…when I was working in the brothels, I was [with] her sometimes. She’s on the brothel’s website. She was making €100 per client, which was double what I was, but she wasn’t making anywhere near £9,000.”

Another former sex worker named Alicia backed up Lauren’s story and said that they were meeting eight clients a night for €50. However, the brothel takes 50% so women only make €25 per client.

April 23, 2018

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