Top 6 Tourist Attractions demanded in Gouripur


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Top 6 Tourist Attractions demanded in Gouripur

Mohammad Raihan  Uddin Sarker 2018-09-29 09:36:36 Comments

On September 27, 2018, Creative Association, The Electoral Committee for Birangana Sakhina Silver Pen Award; ACECC Association, jointly released its first report, Top 6 Tourist attractions in Gouripur after a few year long study.

This document included suggestions for several possible locations and a preliminary planning program.

The Report mentions that according to tourist atractions of the territory of Gouripur Municipality is divided into two sections:

Section-one: (Rajbari now Gouripur Women’s college, Bangabandhu Chattar, Gouripur Rajendra Kishore Govt. High School, temples, round-sized pools).

Section-two: (Land Lord D.K. LahirI’s palace, Gouripur Police Station, Krishnapur Zamidar Bari now Gouripur Govt. College, temples), In rural areas.

3) Ramgupalpur Zamidar Bari. 4)Kella Bokainagar. 5) Kella Tajpur. 6) The 17th century’s burial of Birangana (warrior) Sakhina. Besides, the report mentions six museums need in six top tourist attractions for the rise of tourism.

They became the most typical model of development for Gouripur museums. The local people directly supported the models. They have added new wings to nineteenth-century or early twentieth-century buildings regional, town, school and college art museums.

The upazila has an almost endless variety of cultures and historical places to explore.

From the ancient ruins, fascinating structures of Zamidarbari, there is an endless collection of tourist attractions in Gouripur that will never cease to awe and fascinate the visitor.

September 28, 2018

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