Students Cabinet election held in Gouripur



Students Cabinet election held in Gouripur

Mohammad Raihan Uddin Sarker 2019-03-16 09:04:33 Comments

Gouripur(Mymensingh): The Students'Cabinet Election-2019 was held successfully at all secondary schools of Gouripur upazila in Mymensingh district on Thursday (14 March).

The vote casting process took place on the day from 9am to 2pm with a festive mood.

On spot inspection confirmed a jubilant and all-around participation in the voting process at Gouripur Pilot Girls’ High School where 12 contestants fought for 8 posts while 1357 voters from class six to ten cast their votes.

An onlooker team consisted with student-representatives observed the election process. Students-representatives who played role as election commissioners, presiding officers, polling officers and other officials conducted the voting process. Talking to the New Nation, the Chief Election Commissioner of Gouripur Pilot Girls High School, Punnata Nowreen said that free, fair and credible election was held and this event would introduce democratic attitude among the students

Secondary Education Officer Md Saiful Islam said that on Thursday the Students Cabinet election was held at the 40 educational institutions, including Gouripur Pilot Girls High School, Gouripur R.K.Govt. High School, Nurul Amin Khan High School, Agradut Niketon Adarsha High School, Islamabad Senior Madrasha.

Farhana Karim, UNO of  Gouripur upazila visited the Students’ Cabinet Election at Gouripur Pilot Girls’ High School in the town of Gouripur. She also monitored the voting process and talked to the election commissioners.

March 14, 2018

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