Amsterdam invites tourists to marry a local for a day


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Amsterdam invites tourists to marry a local for a day

International Desk 2019-06-09 12:59:13 Comments

Yeah, you read that right. But of course, there are conditions attached, my friend! So calm your horses down.

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world which originally has over 1 million residents but hosts over 19 million tourists every year.

In a new initiative to allow tourists to have a more authentic taste of the city and boost tourist economy, 'Untourist Guide to Amsterdam', a website that was launched recently has launched a campaign called 'Marry an Amsterdammer for a day'.

Under this campaign, tourists will now be able to sign up for marrying a local listed as a resident for a day. The fake wedding will be a ceremony of 35 minutes and post that, you can enjoy a full day celebrating your honeymoon where your fake bride/groom will help you escape monotony and explore the gorgeous city.

Well, the wedding is fake, so obviously the 'honeymoon' is also an umbrella term for the experience, so please don't run your imagination. The bid for the 'spouse' will begin from around 100 Euros and the tourist will be allowed to have family and friends at the wedding.

The whole idea behind this fun concept is that people should feel connected with the city and not just visit the city for the sake of it.

Seems like a crazy idea which will obviously drive so many 'desi' tourists there but damn, we're broke right now bro.


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