Cheryl branded a ‘sperm bandit’ wants to have another child via donor.


Cheryl branded

Cheryl branded a ‘sperm bandit’ wants to have another child via donor.

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Cheryl has been hailed a ‘sperm bandit’ by Fathers four Justice after revealing she wants to have another child via donor.

The Greatest Dancer judge shares two-year-old son Bear with ex-boyfriend Liam Payne and recently revealed she would like to give the toddler a sibling.

However as she is currently single, Cheryl explained that she’d likely consider using a sperm donor to conceive her second child.

Cheryl’s comments have riled up Matt O’Connor, founder of parenting campaigners Fathers 4 Justice, who expressed his concern that her children may be without a father figure.

‘Sperm bandit Cheryl @CherylOfficial doesn’t give a toss about dads. She wants to deny two kids their human RIGHTS to a dad. Matt O’C #HumanRights #F4J #Fathers4Justice #Cheryl,’

Matt tweeted. Many defended Cheryl, 36, and stated it was her right to choose how she conceives her child.

Siding with the popstar, one replied to Matt’s tweet: ‘I was brought up by my dad and believe strongly in the rights of fathers.

However, a sperm doner is voluntarily providing a service – what’s the problem?’ Another reasoned: ‘I suppose it’s better than getting a bloke, having a child, and then cutting the father out of the child’s life.’

Also fighting in Cheryl’s corner, one weighed in: ‘I’m sorry, how is she denying two children of their father? I believe she co-parents with a father who travels a lot… Men donate sperm, if a women chooses to use it to expand her and her child’s family that her choice!’ Cheryl opened up about her future fertility plans during an interview with Times magazine, stating: ‘If time was on my side and I was in my twenties, yeah, I would wait and consider more options, or wait for somebody I felt was right, but… ‘You could meet somebody and for that year it feels incredible, but there is never a guarantee because there are so many variables that can happen. Life is a funny old game.’

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