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First female police officer in Oman


First female police officer in Oman

International Desk 2017-01-01 22:54:34 Comments

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) recently appointed an Omani female officer as the head of a police station for the first time.

Lieutenant Colonel Shaikhah Bint Ashour Al Hambasiyah, the new head of Watayah police station in the capital, Muscat, said that she was happy and felt proud to be the first Omani woman in the post. “Such decision is motivation for me and for other Omani policewomen to provide the best for our country,” said Lt. Col. Shaikhah.

She said achievements and success can be taxing in all fields, and that she will do her best to find a balance between her job and family.

“What makes it easier for me is that I have an understanding husband and a family that takes my work into consideration, which has contributed a lot in overcoming many difficulties,” she said.

Shaikhah joined the Royal Oman Police in 1990. After her promotion, she worked in the task force of Public Security and Investigation. In 1996, she was nominated in first place for female officers and worked as the head of the juvenile department in Muscat.

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