50-year-old farmer earn $100,000 a year through YouTube


50-year-old farmer earn $100,000 a year through YouTube

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A 50 year old fitness fanatic has revealed the secret to her youthful physique and rock hard abs.

Despite having lived for half a century, Jennifer King known as Farm Girl Jen online, claims she 'never felt fitter.'

The brunette from North Carolina, USA, tones up with incredible strengths stunts such as tyre flipping and sledge hammer swings.

She has over 155k subscribers and makes over $100,000 a year through her YouTube channel Banshee Moon.

Jennifer said: “Fifty has been great so far. I got my midlife crisis six speed manual transmission muscle car that I always wanted.

The fit farmer has been posting videos with her husband Jason since 2012. She said: 'I never imagined I would become a social media star at this age.I am an outgoing person in general but consider myself shy in front of large crowds so I am a bit out of my comfort zone sometimes with being the entertainer. It’s funny that this all started with my husband making a few videos of what I do for fun and I am flabbergasted at how much the whole thing has just kind of exploded. It amuses us that when we travel, people will come up and tell us that they watch us all the time. It is a little strange when people whom you’ve never met, feel that they know you personally.'

She added: 'I’m really enjoying that people tell me I inspire them to make better choices and make their health a number one priority in their lives.'

Although Jennifer has always enjoyed working out, it wasn’t until eight years ago that she started weightlifting.

Now Jennifer stays healthy by racking up 10,000 steps a day and alternating between crossfit and strength training.

She like a variety of fish, meat, and vegetables and avoid processed foods, especially those containing refined sugars.

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