A procession was led by Salvi, former upazila chairman of Gouripur

Mohammad Raihan Uddin Sarker 2018-03-03 09:09:13

With several thousand Awami League leaders and workers, a nomination aspirant for MP in Mymensingh-3 (Gouripur), former upazila  chairman Ali Ahmed Khan Salvi brought out a big procession and held a rally at Dhan Mahal in the town of Gouripur upazila of Mymensingh district on Thursday (01 March) afternoon to highlight the status of the developing country in place of least developed country in March. by Sheikh Hasina’s government.

He staged show of strength by holding rallies and popularity of Awami League and highlighting Sheikh Hasina’s government's impressive successes in every field. Some Awami League leaders urged the AL high command to nominate Ali Ahmed Khan Salvi in the interest of people of Mymensingh-3(Gouripur) constituency in the coming parliamentary election.

March 02, 2018