Declaration ceremony of Khwaja Usman Khan Silver Pen Awards

Raihan Uddin Sarkar 2020-12-27 22:45:14

The winners of Khwaja Usman Khan (K.U.K.) Silver Pen Awards-2019 were announced to be awarded to the different fields including journalism; research, science and technology; arts, education, language, literature, and social service in greater districts ( Dhaka, Mymensingh, Sylhet) areas in every two years.

The Editor of the Magazine’Pen Award Affairs, and Returning Officer of the electoral voting systems Azam Zahiul announced the result of the names of the winners of Khwaja Usman Khan (K.U.K.) Silver Pen Awards-2019 in conference room of Gouripur upazila Agriculture Office in  Mymensingh district on December 26, 2020  Saturday morning. 

The Acting President of this electoral committee Prof. Engr.Mohammad Ali Zinnah, former Superintendent ( Retd.) of Government Textile Vocational Institute   presided over the Declaration Ceremony of 9 winners. 

The winners are , Ataul Karim Khokan, Mymensingh Bauru Chief  of  Daily Jugantor and also former General Secretary of Mymensingh Press Club, Md. Shahjahan, editor of Daily Swajan, Mymensingh  in the field of journalism; Dr. Md Abdul Malek, Chief Scientific Officer, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Mymensingh, in the field of research, science and technology, Shahidullah Farayzi, country’s prominent lyricist, Poet Fatema Israt Rekha, a known person in the literature pages of many journals, Prof. Nani Gopal Sarkar, a writer and poet of Netrakona district, Afendi Nurul Islam, a writer of Nandail Uapazila; Sattayjit Biswas, a comic dramatist, writer and a known person in the literature pages of many journals in the field of arts, education, language, literature.

Md. Fazlul Huq, a writer and social worker for contributions in the field of social service in greater district areas.

Khwaja Usman Khan (K.U.K) Silver Pen Awards and certificates will be distributed in award giving ceremony in Mymensingh district in a year.  

December 27, 2020